Our Vision & Mission

At Our Lady of Fatima, we are a parish that welcomes all individuals seeking God’s love. We are a community that is nourished by the Word, sustained by the Eucharist and are active in our service to others through our many ministries.

Our mission is to:

  • build and nurture a Catholic Christian community by promoting prayerful liturgies,
  • actively demonstrate Christ to the wider community, and 
  • to provide ongoing opportunities for faith development.

New to the parish?

“Let the church always be a place of mercy,
and hope where everyone is welcomed”
Pope Francis

Getting to our Church

Planned Giving

Our Planned Giving Program allows you to contribute to the upkeep of our parish on a regular basis. You can give using weekly envelopes or have a monthly charge to your credit/debit card. Our mission is to bring hope to the world by helping as many people as we can to be personally transformed as they embrace the love, life and mission of Jesus. Your financial contribution enables us to extend this hope to more and more people. 

Please download the form to join our Planned Giving Program or contact the Parish Office for more information.

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