Plenary Council 2020 &
Our Lady of Fatima Peakhurst

In many ways, Peakhurst is a parish ahead of its time, and we are a parish built on the love, dedication and respect of our parishioners for the Church and for one another.

“What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time?”

This is the question the Plenary Council is asking of us and it is one that our parish is uniquely positioned to answer. It is important that we bring our experience to this conversation.

We are currently in the preparation phase of the Plenary Council. During this stage, we are being asked to come together and, in the light and grace of the Holy Spirit, ask ourselves and each other hard questions about the future of our Church in Australia. Then, in light of these discussions, we are asked to make submissions to the council that address our deliberations.

The submissions that the Plenary Council receives from parishes, organisations and agencies within the Catholic Church will shape the agenda of the council. This is an opportunity for us to make our voices heard and to be part of this historic event.

To get involved please contact your Plenary 2020 Parish Ambassadors by email at or by phone: Deb Cummins (0418 818 659), John Dowd (0409 772 136) or Ruth Rawlinson (0410 470 678).

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