Lending a Hand

Our Lady of Fatima parish sees itself as having a broader role than just providing religious services to its parishioners. One of the objectives of our Mission Statement is to “Actively demonstrate Christ to the wider community” and one way this is achieved is by allocating 10% of the envelope collections each year to Lending A Hand to fund worthy causes.

How does it operate?

  • The Lending A Hand Team meets regularly to initiate ideas on likely beneficiaries

  • While it may seem an easy task to give away money, it is a more difficult task than one might realise. The objective is to try and select the type of cause that the parish itself would support.

  • The annual allocation to Lending A Hand is around $8,000 and so the amount of assistance is limited. To manage this, our guidelines suggest:

    • In general we aim to allocate to one or two causes a year so that the benefit can be significant

    • We want our funds to be able to provide the total benefit, or for it to be combined with other funds to provide the total benefit. We don’t want funds to go into a pool for some future cause. We want immediate feedback of what our contribution has achieved so that we can communicate to parishioners


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