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2020     Issue 1

Dear OLF Parishioners,

I hope that you enjoy reading all about the amazing things that have happened in our parish in the past three months in this March edition of The Bark. This issue also contains some interesting articles about parishioners’ involvement in the broader community. I am aware that some of the content refers to programs that, due to the current situation with COVID-19, will not be going ahead as scheduled. However, this will all happen when this crisis is resolved.


Please let me know what you like about this issue and what you would like to see in future issues of The Bark. Please share this edition of The Bark with anyone you think will find it of interest and encourage them to send their email addresses to olfbark@gmail.com so that they can receive future editions directly.


Due to our parish now operating “at a distance”, I am relying on all of you to provide me with interesting articles for our June issue.  I would like to put together stories of how you have all coped during these testing times and what has sustained you, as individuals and as families.

With best wishes to you and your families,

Julia Goff

For the Bark Team

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